Abt Associates Presents

Advancing a Thriving Natural Environment

An In-depth Look at Abt’s Impact

A thriving natural environment is the basic foundation of a healthy society. A livable planet is a prerequisite for economic stability. And each person, no matter their gender, race, or creed, has an equal right to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and reach their full potential, unhindered by toxic hazards.

The massive environmental challenges we face today have cascading consequences and complex causes. Abt’s expertise is built for this complexity. We are economists, scientists, ecologists, engineers, programmers, environmental modelers, and public health professionals. Together, we work across disciplines, methods, and geographies to inform decisions, align incentives, and restore natural habitats that lives and livelihoods depend on.

From catalyzing clean energy finance in Southeast Asia, to identifying high flood risk levees across the United States,

to uncovering exposure pathways of toxic chemicals to vulnerable communities—no matter the challenge, we deliver sustainable, measurable, and equitable results. 

We invite you to delve into the impact we have generated, and what we have learned along the way through our efforts to create a thriving natural environment. Explore by topic or geography, and join us to accelerate the progress towards a more sustainable, resilient, and equitable world.


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